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find the best proxy server for facebook login

proxy server for facebook login

this post explains about the best proxy server for facebook login

Lets start from the general meaning of the word 'agent'. In fact factor / Alroand or any person acting in the place of any other state.

Provides an understanding of the common methodology (talking in general terms)
You Bank lecture, ask your friend to talk about your presence, you can get the audience (in the case of Professor 'revealed).

Technically, agents are used to overcome some of the restrictions imposed on the firewall, to preserve his or for many other purposes. Like you should use agents to access the social networking sites network of colleges which restricts.

Proxy servers are mostly used to maintain its identity.  proxy server for facebook login Suppose that you are planning to commit a crime over the Internet,
You can use a proxy server. Does not come the actual web server know about you because proxy server is dealing with the web server your Bhelv.

Now talking technically, at the firewall college does not allow you to connect to the site (ie Facebook)
You ask a proxy server brought a Web page from Facebook and your service, and now think the firewall is dealing with another server and then Facebook, and allows you to make contact (in the case of disclosure of the firewall).
And then you have succeeded to bypass the firewall. Simply proxy servers acting as intermediary between your device and the actual server that you are trying to access it.

 proxy server for facebook login

Common ways to use agents
1. Setting in the Web browser
Steps: -
1 - First of all log on to and pen down your current IP.
2. Log on to and search for 'new agents' and you will get many sites provide you with a list of integrated software and port numbers for each of them. Should be like this IP: port.
Suppose that you log on to
3. Now copy the IP and port.
4. In the Mozilla Firefox browser, go to Tools - Options - Advanced - Network - settings. Will get Dialloajabux as shown.

Check the option "Manual Proxy Configuration", and fill the IP and port. You can configure agents in any browser.
5. Check again, it is hoped that mush have changed. Ideal agents can be configured in other Web browsers.

proxy server for facebook login
 proxy server for facebook login
2. Using the software. You can download many programs hide IP. There are easy to use and available on the Internet freely. Automatically they keep changing your IP after a certain period of time. I would advise you one is Ooltrasowic.

3 - Use sites. Many of the sites (for example offers free services to hide you IP address.
You can visit other sites through them directly.

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