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how to apply for passport and documents required


If you plan to get a passport in India reading this post to find full details on how to apply for a passport in India. Here you can also get some information about how to obtain a birth certificate in India. you can follow this step for any city like bangalore, mumbai,
how to apply for passportkolkata, delhi, chennai or hyderabad.

Usually, can make a person a certificate "tenth grade" proof of date of birth. But, if immigration officers need a birth certificate then you will have to get it.
To obtain a birth certificate, you need to apply in the local municipality of the city of your birth. Documents required to obtain a birth certificate:
1 - application form
2 - affidavit stating date of birth, place of birth.
3 - Class X certificate.

how to apply for passport, and here is the list of documents required while applying.

1 - any certificate issued by government and government organizations stating your name.
2 - evidence speech
3 - birth proof

Usually the following way is the best way to apply for a passport.
1 - pan card or voter identity card or driving license or ration card as proof of citizenship.
2-10 category certificate (provide name and date of birth proof)
3 - proof of address (issued by the local authorities or bank account operational at least the last 6 months or electricity bill on the applicant's name)
4. Study certificate (if the applicant is a student)
If you fail to get the address proof on the applicant's name, providing electricity bill along with
1 - lease agreement (if rented house (must be agreement on the name of the applicant))
2. Ration card (if his father's name (the ration card holder))
Without history of your friend's birth certificate is not the application of the new passport. There is a history of birth is mentioned in the certificate tenth. It can be used to testify against Date of Birth proof.

when and how can anyone apply for passpport.

Other documents required for the application of the passport Rs 1000 to the public, fill out the form -1, proof of residence, proof of any document granted under section III of the column 15 in an information booklet passport or tenth.
required 1,500 rupees in addition to Rs 1000.
If an employee in the government or the public sector undertaking or statutory body, in addition to a certificate of identity requirements above or NOC with the benefit.

  how to apply for passport step 1

1. Get the "application form passport": one can apply for a passport through "online registration", (after doing register online, get the print outs of the application form) Click here for more details "online registration." Apart from this application can be submitted directly at the passport office their respective / Dpc / speed last centers, and access to the relevant application form from here.
2 - How to fill in the form: "the passport application form" is a "machine-readable". Please follow the instructions as follows:
Use only uppercase. Details will be printed to know how to apply for passport consider the form in the passport. Therefore, please be careful to fill out the form and avoid any mistakes.
Using pen black / blue ball just
Not to fill out the form with pencils or ink pen.
While filling the boxes, please leave completed one blank box after each word.
Write clearly inside the box without touching the border.
Do not write anything outside the box. Avoid writing

  how to apply for passport step 2

Note: All original documents to be shown at time of passport application form. Need copy of all the required documents with the "passport application form original", attached. Applicants should be developed illiterate only thumb impression in the box meant for thumb impression / signature. If the applicant remain in the title of one or more during the past year, he had to submit two additional copies of the form PP for each additional place to stay.

  how to apply for passport step 3

3 - Where the application: "register online", the applicant must submit print print outs of the application form with the required documents to the passport office for each of them in the appointment date and time. Apart from this "passport applications" you can provide in
Passport office counter
Centers "jobs speed"
District Passport Cells
Passport collection centers

how to apply for passport step 4

this is how you can  and  documents required are mentioned above.
this post solves how to apply for passport Had applied for a passport in person or through a representative any close members of family travel agent or recognized only carries a message of power.

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