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how to get adhaar card in any city

this post explains how to get adhaar card in any city
this is the step by step procedure on how to get adhaar card in bangalore, delhi, mumbai, chennai, hyderabad, and kolkata.

how to get adhaar card step 1

documents required for adhaar card Registration/ Enrollment of Aadhaar Number/ UID Card

Proof of name  "photo ID" any one of the below:

1. Passport
2. Pan Card
3. ration card  PDS
4. Voter ID
5 License weapons
9. Retired card
10 - Card freedom fighter

Proof of address any one of the below:

1 - Passport
6. Voter ID  drivers license
2. Bank statement
3 - Passbook
7 - water  electricity  telephone bill.
8 - credit card statement no older than 3 months
11 - Photos bank ATM  credit card
12. Retired card

15 - card processing and having issues with the name and image management functionality.

Prove "Date of Birth" any one of the below:

1 - Passport
2. Wire certificate
3. DOB certificate

Place to go:

1. Take your address and identity documents (original or copy certified by the stated officer) along with love enrolment
2. form and go to any nearby Aadhaar joining licensed Center or you can go to any camp attendance authorized by anywhere in India.
3. In the registration center, document verification will be carried out by officials there.
4. operator will insert your details and will ask you to verify that data is entered.
5. You will be asked then to undergo through a fingerprint and iris scan for the proof,then you will take your picture. in case if you don't get any card or the person asks any money please don't provide any type of money to the concerned person.
6. You will get your unique ID within 30 days. You can check the status of your Aadhaar card here and how to get adhaar card post final step:

how to apply for passport and documents required


If you plan to get a passport in India reading this post to find full details on how to apply for a passport in India. Here you can also get some information about how to obtain a birth certificate in India. you can follow this step for any city like bangalore, mumbai,
how to apply for passportkolkata, delhi, chennai or hyderabad.

Usually, can make a person a certificate "tenth grade" proof of date of birth. But, if immigration officers need a birth certificate then you will have to get it.
To obtain a birth certificate, you need to apply in the local municipality of the city of your birth. Documents required to obtain a birth certificate:
1 - application form
2 - affidavit stating date of birth, place of birth.
3 - Class X certificate.

how to apply for passport, and here is the list of documents required while applying.

1 - any certificate issued by government and government organizations stating your name.
2 - evidence speech
3 - birth proof

Usually the following way is the best way to apply for a passport.
1 - pan card or voter identity card or driving license or ration card as proof of citizenship.
2-10 category certificate (provide name and date of birth proof)
3 - proof of address (issued by the local authorities or bank account operational at least the last 6 months or electricity bill on the applicant's name)
4. Study certificate (if the applicant is a student)
If you fail to get the address proof on the applicant's name, providing electricity bill along with
1 - lease agreement (if rented house (must be agreement on the name of the applicant))
2. Ration card (if his father's name (the ration card holder))
Without history of your friend's birth certificate is not the application of the new passport. There is a history of birth is mentioned in the certificate tenth. It can be used to testify against Date of Birth proof.

when and how can anyone apply for passpport.

Other documents required for the application of the passport Rs 1000 to the public, fill out the form -1, proof of residence, proof of any document granted under section III of the column 15 in an information booklet passport or tenth.
required 1,500 rupees in addition to Rs 1000.
If an employee in the government or the public sector undertaking or statutory body, in addition to a certificate of identity requirements above or NOC with the benefit.

  how to apply for passport step 1

1. Get the "application form passport": one can apply for a passport through "online registration", (after doing register online, get the print outs of the application form) Click here for more details "online registration." Apart from this application can be submitted directly at the passport office their respective / Dpc / speed last centers, and access to the relevant application form from here.
2 - How to fill in the form: "the passport application form" is a "machine-readable". Please follow the instructions as follows:
Use only uppercase. Details will be printed to know how to apply for passport consider the form in the passport. Therefore, please be careful to fill out the form and avoid any mistakes.
Using pen black / blue ball just
Not to fill out the form with pencils or ink pen.
While filling the boxes, please leave completed one blank box after each word.
Write clearly inside the box without touching the border.
Do not write anything outside the box. Avoid writing

  how to apply for passport step 2

Note: All original documents to be shown at time of passport application form. Need copy of all the required documents with the "passport application form original", attached. Applicants should be developed illiterate only thumb impression in the box meant for thumb impression / signature. If the applicant remain in the title of one or more during the past year, he had to submit two additional copies of the form PP for each additional place to stay.

  how to apply for passport step 3

3 - Where the application: "register online", the applicant must submit print print outs of the application form with the required documents to the passport office for each of them in the appointment date and time. Apart from this "passport applications" you can provide in
Passport office counter
Centers "jobs speed"
District Passport Cells
Passport collection centers

how to apply for passport step 4

this is how you can  and  documents required are mentioned above.
this post solves how to apply for passport Had applied for a passport in person or through a representative any close members of family travel agent or recognized only carries a message of power.

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how to get rid of pimples at home naturally with home remedies

how to get rid of pimples at home

how to get rid of pimples at home

this post ecplains about  how to get rid of pimples at home naturally fast  literally overnight. and  scars and marks.
Countless therapies for problem-solving acne pimples are present. Of course, some of these techniques better work than others, and some are just not effective enough to justify its high price. Alternatively, there are many features peculiar household treatments  how to get rid of pimples at home that get rid of quickly as her brothers produced are equally effective in acne. So I give up without further delay, with a few strange old secrets remove pimples like to stress-free.

1. Stop picking at your pimples. To infect you risking the surrounding skin and it spread like wildfire, and this is the least care. To add insult to injury, risk, the scars, and it is even more difficult to remove.

2. Sunlight - layout in the Sun to dehydrate and to reduce the level of oil in the acne also this helps the healing process threatened areas. After the interpreted in the Sun, the skin should sweaty, are, therefore it important at this time to shower to cleanse the skin

3. If you want to make your pimples less noticeable, try this: run hot water on your towel, or face towel. Take the steaming hot towel and put it your Zits. It will make smaller the pimple, but be careful when you handle the hot towel. You want to burn not your face!

4. RUB ICE CUBES ON YOUR FACE: every day you spend about ten or fifteen minutes ice cubes rub on your face, especially on all areas covered with pimples or acne. Be very cold, but the low temperature comes with a shock on the skin and helps, tighten the pores. This process is the prospect of oil occurs buildups, reduce that significantly reduce the likelihood that could make up a Zit.
how to get rid of pimples at home
 how to get rid of pimples at home

5. Acne creams or lotions - try over-the-counter medications that contain such ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which is found in many of the popular acne treatment medicines. If it's difficult, a cream apply to the hard to reach areas, that will contain the middle of your back, that a drug in a spray pump contained offer easier application.

I'm sure that these tips will do so much for you, as they have done for me and so many others before me. So please act and to get rid of a more confident person through your acne now!
A few more remedies tips.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) to get rid of products, pimples and acne. The problem with most of them to be tracked.

First of all, many of them will irritate the skin. In particular, they tend to dry out the skin, causing redness and flaking. What is the meaning of a product to get rid pimples if it causes more skin problems?

Secondly they have to deal with, not the causes of acne they treat only the acne itself. It's like saving water from a leaky boat instead of fixing the leak. It works, you have to continue to do it.

Thirdly, most of them handle (approximately 75%) only the area to which they are assigned to. This can be very time-consuming and be a major pain if you have much pimples to get rid of.

So do you work?

There are a few natural treatments that I recommend heartily, as ginger paste, add oatmeal and honey. The paste much are applied to the affected area and sit. These treatments only the areas you cover the period, they set up take.

If you really know how get pimples permanently would rid, uninstall the causes of acne to treat not only the acne. Although there are some products that do this, that I recommend is acne no more you read can read more here.

10 steps on how to get rid of zits overnight naturally

how to get rid of zits overnight

Especially among young people their young stage occurs pimples can be caused by simple factors home remediessuch as insufficient cleaning of the area where the pimple has risen. Simple pimples and Zits can also be caused by hormonal disorders. If the pimples are not acne, therefore it handle so much easier.steps with toothpaste or with home remedies and also naturally
how to get rid of zits overnightThe following are five easy ways to get pimples overnight to get rid of. Read more and find a way how you can get rid of the pesky marks on your face.
Pimples! You seem always on the inappropriate times is normally displayed, if you have a formal event or important job interview, etc. When you wake up a large red pus Zit and questions filled up, how to get rid of pimples overnight? Or if it is at all possible... that's the good news it is possible! With the whole routine and proper skin hygiene, you can dramatically reduce or completely how get rid of zits overnight.

And I think you want to know now, to get rid of one of these routines were found right pimple overnight? And I think you could some e-books sold compensation process of these routines buy someone for $20.00, or you could it from someone who never only has suffered acne for you to make money from search, or get my routine like pimples over night could get rid below on this page and you. A routine how get rid of zits overnight. that I've used many times in the past with success and still use to this day. Anyway enough of me down now only scroll for the steps, so make sure to keep it secret or be stolen and sold by someone trying to make fast money.

Step 1
Get some hot water to, place a towel over the Zit leave the steam to open the pores. This should take 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 2
how to get rid of zits overnightMix with some Green Clay water (water works also) increased by a paste like consistency. Oncehow get rid of zits overnight. this is achieved turn the mask over his face. Allow 30 minutes before shutting off wash with hot water. The Green Clay will draw impurities, oil and dirt deep in the pores. (Optional) Add in some complex garlic. This can help, but leaves an unpleasant aroma for hours or even days later.

Step 3
Once the pores are open use a free oil purifier to clean the face.

Step 4
Some ice in a cloth and hold it over the quoted This close up the pores and reduces swelling.

Step 5
But before moving to learn how to get rid of pimples quickly, there is a basic knowledge of you - not all pimples should know or pimples is acne.

Step 6
Apply benzoyl peroxide on the pimple before going to bed, leave overnight. Wash off the next morning with warm water. The benzoyl peroxide will kill the acne-causing bacteria.

Step 7
Clean with cider. Cider maybe is not the best drink there, but it's an effective pimple-cleaner. Washing you your face with cider will help, how to clean your pimples fast.
Step 8
Put on some proteins. because of its ability to dry pimples. Rub the egg for 20 minutes in the area of the pimple.

Step 9
Clean with Aloe Vera. If you fresh or organic Aloe Vera is not found, you can use a SOAP, Aloe Vera as an ingredient. Wash your face with Aloe Vera will calm the skin.

Step 10
Never and never squeeze! By all means, keep your fingers away from your pimples and countries even it out, push it! In fact, it is very annoying to look at, and you would do just squeeze to get rid of it but definitely not the way to do this. It will cause only further damage to the skin as the blood vessels are damaged. It will also leave pores opened, so it bacteria and susceptible to how get rid of zits overnight. infections.

how to get rid of spots overnight naturally - with home remedies

how to get rid of spots overnight  

how to get rid of spots overnight

We were all there you're just getting ready for this big moment of the life-changing wedding day depending on the  and you see in the mirror, notice that you've got huge white spots on the face naturally. What are they exactly, and what is the best way to get rid of stains? and home remedies also with with toothpaste.

What are the spots?
Spots are part of a condition called Acne, which affects up to 95% of the Western adolescent population. There is no real difference between blemishes and acne, but some spots classify as a few pimples on the skin, while acne is more serious and widespread and can be found on the face, chest, back, shoulders and even the buttocks.

A spot is called the blockade of a gland near the skin's surface a Sebaceous Gland. These glands secrete a substance, sebum, which used an oily substance to lubricate the hair follicle. Occasionally they can which mixes with dead cells at the opening of the gland, excess sebum, blocking a blackhead. may be red field works, swollen and produce a white pus, cause these whiteheads.
the method on how to get rid of spots overnight
Aloe Vera

This plant is a natural antiseptic and ideal place for the healing of cuts and burns. It is also good for the healing of acne. Just a bit of the gel directly on the pimples of polka dots and overnight to leave. Ideally should use the gel directly from the plant, if you have one, but you can also buy Aloe Vera gel from health food stores. The next morning, and in some cases find you the pimple is gone.

Stains can be caused by hormonal changes such as puberty, your period, or during pregnancy. There is also a strong link between increased outbreaks and stress how stress, fluctuations in hormone levels can trigger. Therefore, we seem always erupting shortly before this great event to suffer.
Treatment on the spot

Lemon juice

To apply fresh lemon juice to any pimples and dark stains right before going to sleep. Leave it all night. The advantage of the lemon juice is that it clarifies not only acne, it brightens after acne hyper pigmentation and smoothes your skin color. Make sure that to use sunscreen for 72 hours after applying lemon juice on the skin. Sun protection is important for the how to get rid of spots overnight health of the skin regardless, but it's especially important to topically with lemon juice, because lemon juice increases Sun sensitivity.

There to handle many over-the-counter treatments on-site or the severity of the spots claims. More severe cases require a trip to a GP or dermatologist prescribe something stronger, like a topical antibiotics or a product with benzoyl peroxide, which has a gentle drying and exfoliating effect on the skin.

However, treatments are cheap and easy to use natural place. Tea tree oil is a fantastic antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment. Dilute very sparingly on the spot - as it is very focused it first with a little water and could irritate the skin, apply. Rose water is naturally anti-inflammatory and the scent of the Rose.

If often suffer from spots, especially around mouth and Chin, it recommends, the advice of a professional health look. If you are female and suffering from facial hair and irregular periods, there is a small chance that the underlying cause might be polycystic ovarian syndrome to your spots.
Squeezing spots

how to get rid of spots overnight
Squeeze not stains, if they red and have no head. Can do how to get rid of spots overnight actually worse squeezing spots, by bacteria go deeper under the skin and in some cases, it can lead to scarring.

Some experts recommend that if place is come, know you to a noticeable head it can squeeze, but make sure that your hands are very clean (wrap your fingers in tissue, to prevent that your nails, your skin to damage). Popping some tea tree oil or an antiseptic cream on the pressed spot to ensure that it remains clean.

get the updated best proxy for facebook

best proxy for facebook

List of the best and Facebook proxy websites for school and Office in 2013.
best proxy for facebook

List of the best and work from Facebook proxy websites for school and Office in 2013.

If you are listening to some school, Office will College, reading this article, might be. This is very common sites for Facebook in these parts that the social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked in these places. Thus the employees or students are looking to the alternative ways to access the Facebook and proxy websites help them.Facebook Proxy sites will help you to get around the firewall and can access to the Facebook.

It is very common that management has already blocked some of the main Facebook Proxy sites. Therefore, find people for the proxy Web sites, which are not known by the management team. So that they can be accessed during their working hours, Facebook and YouTube.


best proxy for facebook

In this post I will give you a list of the few unknown best and free Facebook Proxy sites give in 2013. I am belongs to the College and the Facebook is blocked here, it helps me to write this post. Because I tried this personally, I use it in my hostel.

These sites will help you bypass the firewall and access to safe and fast access to the
Facebook Proxy sites 2013 work

Turkoxy is one of the best Facebook proxy site I've ever seen. It's just like a Facebook. You cannot distinguish between Facebook and Turkoxy. Only the difference is in the URL. You will see that each FACEBOOK.COM through Turkoxy.COM is replaced.

I'm sure if Turkoxy in your Office or College works, then will not search the other proxy sites.

You feel like a Facebook only, while you are using the Can even chat and update status, upload photos, videos and Facebook application.

Could be just like Turkoxy, best proxy for facebook this created by the Chinese people or the Chinese people. This is the same site as a Facebook and Turkoxy. Chinoxy allows us that access to Facebook as a proxy Web site from Office or school.

Sometimes the server of the down, so you can try other Facebook Proxy sites as an alternative.

You can say the Proxymice as the sister of Turkoxy and Chinoxy. This is used so that you can use the Proxymice as a Facebook proxy site many servers for the client.

One more thing that I noticed about this site, that if is blocked then try best proxy for facebook It will work for you and you will enjoy the Facebook on your college or in the Office.

Facebridge.NET-die of best Facebook Proxy

It's like all of the above, but the difference is that you add the extension in the chrome for the Facebridge.NET, so that you it as a Facebook proxy site and enjoy you can use the Facebook in college and Office.

best proxy for facebook
It is very similar to all of the above mentioned Facebook Proxy sites. Can update status and no photos or videos to share with friends like Facebook. You cannot distinguish between Facebook and Facebridge.NET.

This was the list of the best and free works proxy sites on Facebook access in schools and offices. I have personally used these all websites and tested, that all the above mentioned Facebook proxies for me work. Hope that you the Facebook this Facebook can access to proxy sites.

the world's best proxy facebook sites

the best proxy facebook sites in the world
proxy facebook sites
Facebook is one of the leading community sites. But there are many interesting features in Facebook. What are some proxy sites for Facebook, list proxy-Facebook sites of some proxy servers for Facebook.

Before you begin, let something via proxy or proxy websites to discuss. What are the proxy sites? "Proxies are frequently used to Web-cache pages from a Web server" If you used a proxy website to access it to your blocked website has to go to your Internet service provider and Office content filter and offer website through another IP address access blocked.

Proxy sites how can you is also the games in Facebook and it the attraction of many webmasters to promote their sites and services. Free proxy bypass Websites.Heutzutage Facebook networking.and an Internet space for business is also best proxy for Facebook always.

Today I will be releasing the easiest free proxy sites for you on blocked websites using some best. I have a huge list of free proxy sites for Wpblogtips readers, enjoy this post and share with friends and to open blocked websites in offices, schools with this free proxy sites. If you link defect found, inform me I will fix this link now.

more details proxy facebook sites

There is a need to use Facebook Proxy, as some people think, that it not safe to surf Facebook directly from your computer. If you want to hide your identity in Facebook, you must use a Facebook Proxy sites, your IP address and as well as your personal information to disguise. People also think that Facebook will be used can hide usually your IP address and identity to promote their sites and products products and services to promote and therefore they get their.
proxy facebook sites
Like MySpace and Orkut, Facebook is blocked in most of the universities, schools, and offices. If you want to unlock Facebook, you can use the list of working time and the new Facebook Proxy Server in the list of new proxy sites. Now you can even from your College-Internet connection, or office network Facebook surfing. Most Internet administrators in offices, universities, and schools restrict access to Facebook. If you want to go to Facebook, then new proxy list in the new proxy sites to access on Facebook.

Proxy site is an Internet tool that allows you to secure Web sites. You hiding information such as your IP address, so you anonymously on the Internet.

Proxies can content blocks and filters in the past. If you are in school or work, and can not browse Web sites such as MySpace or Facebook is due to filter such as WebSense or SmartFilter, a good idea, proxies these blocks work around it and browse free use.

this is how proxy facebook sites works.

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find the best proxy server for facebook login

proxy server for facebook login

this post explains about the best proxy server for facebook login

Lets start from the general meaning of the word 'agent'. In fact factor / Alroand or any person acting in the place of any other state.

Provides an understanding of the common methodology (talking in general terms)
You Bank lecture, ask your friend to talk about your presence, you can get the audience (in the case of Professor 'revealed).

Technically, agents are used to overcome some of the restrictions imposed on the firewall, to preserve his or for many other purposes. Like you should use agents to access the social networking sites network of colleges which restricts.

Proxy servers are mostly used to maintain its identity.  proxy server for facebook login Suppose that you are planning to commit a crime over the Internet,
You can use a proxy server. Does not come the actual web server know about you because proxy server is dealing with the web server your Bhelv.

Now talking technically, at the firewall college does not allow you to connect to the site (ie Facebook)
You ask a proxy server brought a Web page from Facebook and your service, and now think the firewall is dealing with another server and then Facebook, and allows you to make contact (in the case of disclosure of the firewall).
And then you have succeeded to bypass the firewall. Simply proxy servers acting as intermediary between your device and the actual server that you are trying to access it.

 proxy server for facebook login

Common ways to use agents
1. Setting in the Web browser
Steps: -
1 - First of all log on to and pen down your current IP.
2. Log on to and search for 'new agents' and you will get many sites provide you with a list of integrated software and port numbers for each of them. Should be like this IP: port.
Suppose that you log on to
3. Now copy the IP and port.
4. In the Mozilla Firefox browser, go to Tools - Options - Advanced - Network - settings. Will get Dialloajabux as shown.

Check the option "Manual Proxy Configuration", and fill the IP and port. You can configure agents in any browser.
5. Check again, it is hoped that mush have changed. Ideal agents can be configured in other Web browsers.

proxy server for facebook login
 proxy server for facebook login
2. Using the software. You can download many programs hide IP. There are easy to use and available on the Internet freely. Automatically they keep changing your IP after a certain period of time. I would advise you one is Ooltrasowic.

3 - Use sites. Many of the sites (for example offers free services to hide you IP address.
You can visit other sites through them directly.

get top 50 facebook proxy that works

facebook proxy that works

get details of top 50 facebook proxy that works

Login to Facebook to use the proxy server, was often blocked proven way to get to the sites. Perhaps you want to catch up with the most cherished friends and news of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami, and nuclear emergency is happening now.

Important: with the above settings, log on to will prompt you with some security issues. This action is necessary to check on your FB, facebook proxy that works Kalokel server specified below from South Korea. In other words, are surfing the Internet almost from that country.

Above all, free and secure!

Another good reason that there is no facebook proxy that works install any software is necessary, therefore, minimize the potential subjects of malicious viruses, spyware or malware. And do not encode the file the necessary memory or storytelling.

Follow the simple steps below that I brief him. Settings are applicable only for type 2 browsers in Windows operating systems. However, the Windows Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Settings for the operating system Windows 7: facebook proxy that works
Click "Start" orb in the lower left of the screen of your computer.

To benefit the top menu of the window "Internet Properties", select Contacts.

Right above the eye socket "Start", see "Search programs and files" with the cursor on the input box.
Type "inetcpl.cpl" in the field and press "Enter" to bring the window "Internet Properties." (It is advisable to remember that which cut 10 steps uphill before this).

Check the box "use a proxy server for local area network (this will not apply to the settings on the VPN connections or dial-up)" (uncheck appeal to the original settings)

Click the button "LAN Settings" button in the lower_right_corner. A new window appears as "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings", the illustration below.

Enter your address and agent as shown in the illustration below.
Finish by clicking "OK" to close all the windows.
Start browsing

First, please put all these doubts aside. That a particular agent that you are using safe and high - requested anonymity. Is having the best options in favor of our guests, as stated from the beginning. What is there to lose?

Even at the end of the security issues, will appear AFP site. Simply click the "This is OK" to accept and move forward in the use of

Do you really have full access to now? Yes? Is not that magical?

However, please keep up with another job to answer the above questions, do not hesitate to comment and exchange views on the job and facebook proxy that works

Now, some questions may be right now, such as how the proxy server works. And I was surfing the Internet to put his name? How is the proxy server and why it is safe to use? It will be stolen my password?

 If you are traveling in Vietnam now, be sure to use it with social responsibility, although blocked by official authority. If you are working on a public computer, resume back to its original settings after use.