Thursday, 14 March 2013

get top 50 facebook proxy that works

facebook proxy that works

get details of top 50 facebook proxy that works

Login to Facebook to use the proxy server, was often blocked proven way to get to the sites. Perhaps you want to catch up with the most cherished friends and news of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami, and nuclear emergency is happening now.

Important: with the above settings, log on to will prompt you with some security issues. This action is necessary to check on your FB, facebook proxy that works Kalokel server specified below from South Korea. In other words, are surfing the Internet almost from that country.

Above all, free and secure!

Another good reason that there is no facebook proxy that works install any software is necessary, therefore, minimize the potential subjects of malicious viruses, spyware or malware. And do not encode the file the necessary memory or storytelling.

Follow the simple steps below that I brief him. Settings are applicable only for type 2 browsers in Windows operating systems. However, the Windows Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Settings for the operating system Windows 7: facebook proxy that works
Click "Start" orb in the lower left of the screen of your computer.

To benefit the top menu of the window "Internet Properties", select Contacts.

Right above the eye socket "Start", see "Search programs and files" with the cursor on the input box.
Type "inetcpl.cpl" in the field and press "Enter" to bring the window "Internet Properties." (It is advisable to remember that which cut 10 steps uphill before this).

Check the box "use a proxy server for local area network (this will not apply to the settings on the VPN connections or dial-up)" (uncheck appeal to the original settings)

Click the button "LAN Settings" button in the lower_right_corner. A new window appears as "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings", the illustration below.

Enter your address and agent as shown in the illustration below.
Finish by clicking "OK" to close all the windows.
Start browsing

First, please put all these doubts aside. That a particular agent that you are using safe and high - requested anonymity. Is having the best options in favor of our guests, as stated from the beginning. What is there to lose?

Even at the end of the security issues, will appear AFP site. Simply click the "This is OK" to accept and move forward in the use of

Do you really have full access to now? Yes? Is not that magical?

However, please keep up with another job to answer the above questions, do not hesitate to comment and exchange views on the job and facebook proxy that works

Now, some questions may be right now, such as how the proxy server works. And I was surfing the Internet to put his name? How is the proxy server and why it is safe to use? It will be stolen my password?

 If you are traveling in Vietnam now, be sure to use it with social responsibility, although blocked by official authority. If you are working on a public computer, resume back to its original settings after use.


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