Thursday, 28 March 2013

how to get adhaar card in any city

this post explains how to get adhaar card in any city
this is the step by step procedure on how to get adhaar card in bangalore, delhi, mumbai, chennai, hyderabad, and kolkata.

how to get adhaar card step 1

documents required for adhaar card Registration/ Enrollment of Aadhaar Number/ UID Card

Proof of name  "photo ID" any one of the below:

1. Passport
2. Pan Card
3. ration card  PDS
4. Voter ID
5 License weapons
9. Retired card
10 - Card freedom fighter

Proof of address any one of the below:

1 - Passport
6. Voter ID  drivers license
2. Bank statement
3 - Passbook
7 - water  electricity  telephone bill.
8 - credit card statement no older than 3 months
11 - Photos bank ATM  credit card
12. Retired card

15 - card processing and having issues with the name and image management functionality.

Prove "Date of Birth" any one of the below:

1 - Passport
2. Wire certificate
3. DOB certificate

Place to go:

1. Take your address and identity documents (original or copy certified by the stated officer) along with love enrolment
2. form and go to any nearby Aadhaar joining licensed Center or you can go to any camp attendance authorized by anywhere in India.
3. In the registration center, document verification will be carried out by officials there.
4. operator will insert your details and will ask you to verify that data is entered.
5. You will be asked then to undergo through a fingerprint and iris scan for the proof,then you will take your picture. in case if you don't get any card or the person asks any money please don't provide any type of money to the concerned person.
6. You will get your unique ID within 30 days. You can check the status of your Aadhaar card here and how to get adhaar card post final step:

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