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How to Switch or Toggle Between 2G and 3G Network in Android phone

steps for Switch or Toggle Between 2G and 3G Network in Android phone

Even as it is hotly contested in Switch or Toggle Between 2G and 3G Network in Android phone discussion boards, many feel which 3G network cable connections use your battery faster than 2G system connections. This has led to many requests to have an automated way to be able to toggle between 2G and 3G to ensure that, for instance, 3G toggles on when you open an app (e. g. browser) that uses crucial computer data network but stays off for program phone use. Regrettably, the Android API does not provide a means to toggle between both the types of system connections so the automated method seriously isn't available. This solution shows you how to place a widget in your screen which takes you directly to this settings screen where you can toggle between the two of these network connections. It uses the Android ‘secret code’ to be able to open the setting screen where you can change your files network settings.

You'll need

- Tasker intended for Android

Solution Switch or Toggle Between 2G and 3G Network in Android phone

Start Tasker
Press the Tasks button after which the New Process menu item to manufacture a new task
Name it 3G Toggler
Press the (+) button to feature a new action for your task
Select the telephone menu item and also the Call action from your menu
In the telephone number field, enter the next:
Press around the Icon image selection button that may be on the suitable lower side with the screen. As associated with v 1. 0. 15, this is found immediately towards the right of the position title button which includes an ‘A’ on it.
Select an icon from your set of pre-installed icons together with your version of Tasker. If you are interested in customizing this with your own individual icon, check out my tutorial Tips on how to Install Your Own Icon Sets with Android Phones. Pertaining to icons, I’ve compiled The largest and Arguably The majority of Beautiful Android Symbol Set Ever
Click Done
Press Apply around the Tasker Profile tv screen and Tasker can automatically close along with activate your task
Long-press on ones screen where you desire to place your toggle golf widget
Select the Widgets selection item
Select the Tasker Process widget item from your menu
A Task variety menu will populate with all the current tasks that you might have in Tasker
Simply select the 3G Toggler task
The Task will open in your screen
Press the Help to make Widget button around the lower left hand side with the Task window
The icon you selected will now display on the screen with the spot where an individual long-pressed
That’s the idea!
Next, press your widget button and also a Testing screen can open. From which menu, select Cellular phone information. Drag down towards the bottom of the screen and you should find a decrease down menu that you can use to select your chosen network type. Note down the current setting (or have a very good memory! ) because you should manually reset it to the current network type when you want to change time for 3G. Select GSM merely to place the phone in a very 2G network merely mode and near the screen.

To re-activate towards the 3G network link, press on ones 3G Toggler tv screen widget, select a similar dropdown menu from your Phone Information tv screen and reset the network link with the original placing.

Alternative Method Switch or Toggle Between 2G and 3G Network in Android phone

I attempted to create a direct dial shortcut widget that might do exactly the same thing for those who tend not to use Tasker. To accomplish this, I added the secret code to my contacts and made a primary dial shortcut golf widget on my tv screen. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do the job. When I media the shortcut, it attempts to dial the telephone number rather than causing the settings tv screen and I get one message recording. If you discover an alternative method, please post it within the comments!

Method -2: Using Vacation Applications Switch or Toggle Between 2G and 3G Network in Android phone

As said previously mentioned that Manual method seriously isn't 100% reliable since reported by the majority of the Users so marketing and advertising to Use Vacation Android Apps to modify between 2G-3G Facts Network. You will find a great deal of apps on Yahoo Playstore that works a similar by switching among 2G-3G Data Network as per your Requirements of which a number of the apps I possess described below you can try for Yourself in the event the Manual methods is apparently difficult or producing problems etc.

2G-3G OnOff Golf widget

2G-3G OnOff is usually a Simple and Mild wight widget intended for Changing Your Multilevel Settings. It Gives you a Shortcut for your Android Network Options and thus helping you to change or change between 2G-3G Facts Network with simply 2 simple important. You just need to add the Widget in your home screen and also you are all performed. For further information on Installation Check this Installation Guide.

Install 2G-3G OnOff Widget in your Android Devices

Swap Network Type 2G and 3G

It is another Popular Android app that allows you to Swith between 2G-3G Data Network by giving a Shortcut for your Network Settings. You can even Place the Swap Network Type 2G and 3G shortcut with your Statusbar in order to easily switch ones network anytime.

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