Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to Merge two .mkv files | Join .mkv.001,.mkv.002 and many others – FIXED

Tips on how to join mkv. 001, mkv. 002 data files into single file

Have your all files in a folder How to Merge two .mkv files | Join .mkv.001,.mkv.002 and many others – FIXED so how the process may possibly be easily done.

Steps How to Merge two .mkv files | Join .mkv.001,.mkv.002 

1] Note the location of the folder (or) Right click within the address bar along with copy the address with the folder location.

2] Open demand prompt > sort cd <space> right click and select paste option along with hit Enter critical.

Directly navigate ones folder path by typing commands as in XP.

3] Today to append this splitted mkv and many others files, type copy<space>/b<space>filename. mkv. 001+filename. mkv. 002<space>filename. mkv

Observe: Use Tab/Shift+Tab critical to navigate ones file names in order (. 001,. 002, etc) as an alternative to typing.

4] Press Enter key to sign up the files. Patiently watch for few minutes right up until it displays "file(s) ended up copied successfully" information.

Information on how to Merge two .mkv files | Join .mkv.001,.mkv.002 – FIXED

Yesterday I downloaded some media files and I stumbled upon them with extensions which act like spliited rar file like. mkv001,. mkv002,. mkv003.... I had already installed Klite codec pack and I even have Video LAN player during my PC. I am capable of play. mkv001 and not others. I must search lot associated with places until I stumbled upon a solution. How to play. mkv002 file? What can we do to obtain the entire movie in a file? Follow the steps below to mix and play mkv file.
First of most, you need to put in Codecs for actively playing matroska files. You'll be able to download Klite Codec Bunch from here. Install it and you may play. mkv file in Windows Press player.
Alternately you can install Video Lan player which you can download here along with play a. mkv file.
Now download HJSplit via here and get it. HJsplit are going to be useful in merging the splitted mkv data files.
Open hjsplit. exe file and simply click join which is shown within the figure. In the dialog widow that pops up, Show the. 001 file.
Select the production location and click start.
Joining are going to be completed and a communication will popup inches Joining Completed inches.
Now go to be able to output location an individual specified and plat this. mkv file often with VLC gambler or Windows marketing player (if codec mounted ).

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