Sunday, 18 August 2013

How to Change MTNL WiFi Password All Modems – FIXED

How to Change MTNL WiFi Password – Steps to Follow

Open Your Web browser i.e IE,Firefox or Google Chrome to Change MTNL WiFi Password.

Type and Hit Enter in the Web browser as shown below in the Image.

Now You will see a new pop-up window asking you for Username and Password.

Type Username – admin and Password – admin as shown below in the Image.

Click OK and you will be Navigated to Your Modem or Router Settings Page.
Click on Interface Setup Tab and Select Wireless as shown below.

Scroll down to bottom to Multiple SSIDs Settings.
Here Select Your Authentication Type i.e WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK.

Now in WPA PSK Section the Pre-Shared Key is Your WiFi Password.
Change Your WiFi Password in Pre-shared Key Box as shown below.

How to Change MTNL WiFi - step 2

Note - Make Sure that the Password Contains only 8-63 ASCII Characters or 64 Hexadecimal Characters.You can Generate Random High Security Passwords from here

That’s all in How to Change MTNL WiFi Password and You are all done.You have Successfully Changed Your WiFi Modem Password.
Alternate – For Modems Other than B450TC1

If you are having a different WiFi Modem or router then don’t worry then steps are similar and the only difference is that the Change WiFi Password Option will be available in some other Section.Therefore You can Try the Following Method Given below.

How to Change MTNL WiFi - step 3

Open Your WiFi Modem settings by typing in Web Browser and Typing admin as Username and admin as Password.
Go to Wireless Section.
Find Security Options Menu.
There Select Authentication as WPA2-PSK
Now Change Change MTNL WiFi Password
Your Password in there.
That’s all and You are all done.

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